The Reasons to March in Cuba

Machado Ventura presided over the parade in Pinar del Río / Photo: Januar Valdés

Every May Day, all the Cuban cities become a spring time, the variety of colors flood the streets; flags and banners announce the festivity and invite everyone to join as a family, because there is no true celebration without the loved ones. That is called UNITY.

Today, many of those who carry children on their shoulders or hold their hands, did it once accompanying their parents, and maybe then, they wouldn’t understand the reasons why they had decide to get up early on a holiday to get to join friends and march under the sun, sometimes bearing heavy banners or pictures, because many have been the ways the workers of this island have found all along the years to ratify the joy for the date rather than a claim. That is called CONTINUITY. And they do it because they value what they have, since every benefit is fruit of the sacrifice of our predecessors. Family, love, all that was once sacrificed facing difficult times. Today, the claims and requests of the Homeland seem petty but we owe those who gave us a fair nation so it is time keep up their deeds and state our COMMITMENT. That is the people, the same man and women that fought against tyrannies, those who built factories when there was lack of knowledge but plenty of will, taught people to read and write, fought and won in Giron, defied a special period, the collapse of the socialist block, brought back a child and five common men that became heroes; the same that face scarcities without losing joy, that bet on household formulas to reach success, hold on to hope because history has proven that it is a people that knows how to forge a path against all odds. That is called VICTORY.

Desfile por el Primero de Mayo 2018 en Pinar del Rio 3Photo: Januar Valdés That is why we march today, united in the commitment of continuous victories.

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