updated 15 / 09 / 2019

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Social-Democrat Frank-Walter Steinmeier: New President of Germany

Social-Democrat leader Frank-Walter Steinmeier was elected as new President of Germany, after winning an absolute majority of votes in the Federal Assembly of that country.

Steinmeier, 61, was a candidate for the large coalition of the German Government and was elected following the first-vote support of 931 out of a total of 1,253 delegates of the Assembly, in charge of appointing the head of State every five years.

The group in charge of the appointment of the president is made up of parliamentarians of the lower house (Bundestag) and similar amount of representatives of the federal states of this country.

'He is the right man at the right time,' said former foreign minister Gerhard Schröder, Steinmeier's former mentor, in reference to the election of his former disciple in his new post, which he will take after being foreign minister.

Regarding his profile and leadership, Steinmeier stands out for his pragmatism with the media and his recent harsh statements against his US counterpart Donald Trump, which he described as a 'hate preacher.'

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