Trump Wall to Benefit Human Traffickers, La Jornada Newspaper Says

The wall that President Donald Trump intends to raise on the Mexican border could benefit human traffickers (polleros, Mexican term) who will increase their rates and profits, newspaper La Jornada reported.

Alejandro Moreno, in the trade for 19 years, granted an interview to the newspaper and detailed the system under which he operates and why the wall will not be an impediment to continue entering undocumented immigrants to the neighboring country.

'We're already rubbing our hands; the wall will not be any obstacle, on the contrary, it will give us greater profits because the jump will be more expensive,' this undocumented broker says.

Moreno works for an organized group of 'polleros' that operates between Sonora and Arizona and with each crossing transports between 30 and 50 migrants.

He says that the network of human traffickers of which he is a part has helped more than 300 000 undocumented migrants to cross the border towns of Nogales.

In that region, the wall reaches a height of up to 10 meters and is monitored by the Border Patrol 24 hours and it has a closed circuit system with night vision, thermal, motion sensors and even drones.

'If Trump increases security, the only thing that is going to happen is that we will charge more; the price for crossing the border will be greater because of the risk it will mean; in addition, the bribes to the authorities will be more expensive, we will have to pay more to the police and migration,' the human trafficker considers.

Currently, a 'pollero' charges for each migrant between two and four thousand dollars, depending on the place of origin; the most expensive trip is the one for Central Americans, for their journey from Honduras, Salvador, and Guatemala.

Moreno explains that the business of trafficking illegal immigrants suffered a drastic change from 2004, with the entry of drug-exporting cartels, which seized the plaza and imposed schedules to cross but always prioritizing the transfer of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamines.

For Alejandro and his group, Trump's wall will not stop 'polleros' and their way of obtaining income, because it is a network, a machinery that works in coordination and complicity with authorities in both countries, La Jornada newspaper concludes.

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