updated 27 / 01 / 2020

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Trump Policy Towards Cuba Is Doomed to Fail, Says French Intellectual

French intellectual, Salim Lamrani, said in an article published today that the policy towards Cuba by the government of Donald Trump in the United States is doomed to fail and clings to an anachronistic strategy.

According to the academician and writer, that policy 'is doomed to fail and isolate the United States,' as illustrated by the 2017 vote at the UN General Assembly, in which 191 countries condemned Washington's economic sanctions against Havana.

By placing the issue in context, Lamrani stated that 'by returning to a policy based on the hostility towards Cuba, the Trump administration puts an end to the progress made during the presidency of Barack Obama and clings to an anachronistic strategy.'

The intellectual, author of several books on Cuba, exemplified the decisions marking a setback, such as to reduce staff at the U.S. embassy in Havana and expel diplomats from the Cuban representation in Washington, under the pretext of alleged acoustic attacks.

The Trump administration took those provisions despite acknowledging that its investigators were unable to determine those responsible for these alleged attacks and the causes, Lamrani said, citing U.S. government sources.

According to the specialist, the Trump administration with its hostility policy 'is opposed to the will of most of U.S. citizens, who aspire to normalize relations with Cuba and to be capable of going to the island as tourists, without obstacles, which is prohibited by Washington more than 50 years ago.'

The university professor also mentioned the position adopted by Cuba, marked by the will to dialogue in conditions of respect.

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