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Historic 1941 Military Parade Recreated in Moscow

The names of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War will remain in our history for centuries, in each street, school or city and in the hearts of millions of people, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sabianin said today.

Sabianin recalled that the streets still bear the names of the heroes of that heroic deed, when speaking at the ceremony to recreate the Military Parade held on November 7, 1941, for the fifteenth time.

On this occasion, 5,000 soldiers and cadets recreated the departure of 30,000 troops and volunteers directly to the battlefront, during a severe winter and amid the siege by the German fascist army that was at Moscow's gates.

The historic deed, which raised patriotism and faith in the victory, both in the Soviet Union and Europe, was officially registered on February 1995 as the Day of the Military Parade at Red Square.

The 1941 parade was celebrating the 24th anniversary of the Great Socialist Revolution of October, whose 100th anniversary is being commemorated this year with an event for which representatives of 180 left-wing organizations travel to Russia.

In 2003, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to organize the first parade to recreate the historic moment in 1941. On that occasion, a small company of veterans marched symbolically at Red Square.

As time went by, the number of veterans and participants in the parade 76 years ago decreased and they were invited to watch the military ceremony from the tribune.

On this occasion, seven participants in the 1941 parade, the oldest one being 97-year-old Ivan Bobarikin, watched the parade along Sabianin and other city officials.

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