Cuba Works on Restoring Energy after Hurricane Irma

The works for the restoration of the Cuban National Electric Power System are continuing today in this Caribbean country after the passing last weekend of Hurricane Irma.

According to Lazaro Guerra, technical director of the National Electric Company, the system was seriously damaged, as the meteorological phenomenon toured most of Cuba's north coast, where most of the thermoelectric power stations are located.

The effects caused a loss of generation, instability of the system and its total fall, Guerra said.

According to the official, the recovery will be complex and gradual, and to achieve this, some electric areas will be established in different regions of the country.

Two of them are already formed, one in the eastern zone, with greater strength, and another in the western one, with a more weakened system.

The restoration works has not stopped and brigades have been already establishing a third electric area in central Cuba. Once established, it will interconnect with greater agility the three points and its energization more quickly, Guerra said.

He stressed on the need to work parallel in repairing the electrical infrastructure damaged by Irma and appealed to the patience and calm of the population in this exceptional period.

Air operations at the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, and the Juan Gualberto Gomez International Airport in Varadero, will be re-established today, according to a note from the Cuban Aviation Corporation (CACSA).

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