Extreme Right-Wing Group Burns Alive Another Venezuelan Youth

A group of hooded Venezuelans linked to the extreme right-wing groups of opposition parties has burned alive and stabbed Giovanny Gonzalez, 24, in La Castellana sector, Chacao municipality, Miranda state, allegedly because he appeared to be a Chavez'' follower.

Venezuelan Minister of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Nestor Reverol, reported in a message posted last night on his Twitter account that the macabre happened in an area where these vandal groups is working.

Sectors of the reactionary opposition have encouraged violent actions since April, as part of a denounced coup plot against the Bolivarian government.

Reverol posted on Twitter that the young man was transferred to a health center and is in a stable situation.

'Another example of hate crimes of the fascist rightwing,' the minister emphasized.

Another young Venezuelan, Orlando Figueras, was burned alive and stabbed by vandalism in the vicinity of Altamira on May 20, also with the same argument that he appeared to be a Chavez' follower.

Figueras, 21, died 15 days later at a hospital as a result of a heart attack, while receiving medical care for his burns in more than 80 percent of his body.

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