updated 21 / 07 / 2019

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Protected Marine Reserves can Mitigate Climate Effects

Marine reserves highly protected can help mitigate the effects of climate change, said an international research published by a specialized magazine.

These reserves can help, both marine ecosystems and people, in the adaptation to the five major impacts of climate change, including acidification of oceans, rising sea levels and increasing storm intensity.

Also, it can help to the changes in species distribution, as well as the decreased oxygen production and supply, said the researchers from the Department of Environment at the York University.

The research, published in PNAS, said that marine reserves can help to collect and store the carbon caused by greenhouse gas emissions at long-term, particularly in coastal wetlands, which would help to reduce the speed of climate change.

It also indicates that currently only 3.5 percent of the ocean is reserved for protection, out of which 1.6 percent is fully protected from exploitation.

For Callum Roberts, lead author, many studies show that well-managed marine reserves can protect wildlife and support productive fishing.

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