updated 21 / 07 / 2019

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Islamic State Claims Attack on Manchester Stadium

The terrorist group Islamic State (EI) claimed today the terrorist attack in a stadium in the British city of Manchester, where 22 people have died so far and nearly 60 people were injured.

During the attack, which occurred yesterday during a concert of the American singer Ariana Grande, a 'soldier of the caliphate' detonated 'several bombs' in several locations of the stadium where a great number of crusaders were found, reported the EI.

A communiqué issued through the news agency Amaq, affiliated with the extremist group, published the message, still pending of official confirmation of its authenticity.

On the other hand, it was learned that the local authorities maintain that its detectives already identified the author suicide of the attack, although until now they declined to spread that identity publicly.

It is estimated that about 20 thousand people would have attended Grande's concert, although preliminary reports indicate that the explosion took place on the outskirts of the box section.

Manchester Chief of Police Ian Hopkins confirmed that in addition to the perpetrator, a 23-year-old man is being held in custody for his alleged involvement in the event.

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