updated 22 / 07 / 2019

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Facebook Works on Mind-reading Technology

The social networking site Facebook is working on a technology for people to write their thoughts through brainwaves without the need for a keyboard.

This was announced by the expert of the company Regina Dugan, who explained that the goal is that users can send a message without removing the cellphone from the pocket.

During the F8 social network developers' conference in San Jose, California, she indicated that the company's current goal is to reach 100 words per minute, which could be achieved in a few years.

'For the massive use of such technology we cannot use brain implants, but non-invasive sensors that control brain activity at high speed and in real time,' she said.

'This technology still does not exist and to create it Facebook has a team of 60 researchers working,' she added.

'Another advantage will be that people will be able to communicate in other languages without needing to learn them,' she said.

Facebook is not the only company working on such a proposal, as billionaire Elon Musk investigates in a new company how to connect the human brain with computers.

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