Yerisbel Miranda, New Female Chess National Champion

International Master (WIM) Yerisbel Miranda (2 221 Elo points), in an unprecendented performance in her career, won this Wednesday the National Chess Championship held in Matanzas.

International Master Yerisbel Miranda/Photo: Jaliosky AjeteInternational Master Yerisbel Miranda / Photo: Jaliosky AjeteDespite ending in a tie (eight points) with the eleventh time champion Maritza Arribas, Yerisble managed to win the gold thanks to a better tie-breaker quotient. During the tournament, the 29 year old player beat strong rivals such as Yaniet Marrero and Lisandra Llaudy, members of the latest Olympic team and national champions in other editions.

Visibly excited for the homecoming around her family, coaches and friends, the young athlete said: “I’m very happy and super proud of this victory and appreciate this reception and the support of everyone in Pinar del Rio”.

“I’m a little sad since in the tenth round I had the opportunity to become Grand Master, and I couldn’t, but I won the championship, which was by goal, so I hope I can achieve that in the future”.

In regard to the responsibility of being the new national champion, Miranda noted: “I intend to face it the same way, training more, for this competition I was not as prepared as before, so I hope I will have better results from now on”.

The win of this local chess player is a special milestone for the family of this sport in the province, since it is the first time that a female representative of Pinar del Rio wins the title in a domestic championship.

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