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Pole Vaulter Silva and Boxer La Cruz, Cuba's Best in 2017

Pole vaulter Yarisley Silva and boxer Julio Cesar La Cruz were voted as the best athletes of Cuba in 2017, it was announced at a ceremony held at the Coliseum of the Sports City.

They were chosen by votes casted by officials of the National Institute of Sports, the sports media and the Young Communist League.

Following the best of Cuba in 2017:

- Best Team: Tamers of Cuba (Boxing) - It won the Hamburg World Championships and the Pan American Tournament, and placed second in the World Boxing Series.

- Most Outstanding Team Sport: Volleyball - It won the silver medal at the Under 21 World Championship and the bronze at the Under 23; it qualified for the World Cup 2018 and finished nine at the Beach Volleyball World Tour.

- Most Outstanding Individual Sport: Boxing

- Best Woman Athlete in Individual Sports: Yarisley Silva (Athletics) - She bronze at London World Championships; a gold, a silver and a bronze at the Diamond League, and other relevant performances.

- Best Man Athlete in Individual Sports: Julio Cesar La Cruz (Boxing) - He clinched his fourth world title; won five fights at the 7th World Series to help Cuba finish second. He ranks first in the 81 Kgs división. Pan American and Cuban champion.

- Best Woman Athlete in Team Sports: Lidiannys Echevarria (Beach Volleyball) - She finished ninth at the Verna World Championship, and won two golden medals and two silver ones at the Norceca circuit.

- Best Man Athlete in Team Sports: Alfredo Despaigne (Baseball) - Home run leader at the Japanese Professional League, in which he set a personal record in runs batted in. He also staged an outstanding performance at the World Baseball Classic and the Caribbean Series.

- Rookie of the Year: Andy Cruz (Boxing)

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