updated 16 / 06 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Liván Moinelo: "I'm very tired ..."

Pinar del Rio pitcher Liván Moinelo is making a praiseworthy performance in the Japanese Professional League with his team Softbank Falcons, which discusses the title against the stars of the DeNA these days.

Moinelo has had an excellent debut in the so-called big Asian tent: "I am very grateful to be here, to play a baseball different from Cuba and so far things have gone well". As a reliever he has to date an average of 2.52 Era with 36 strikeouts in 35 innings and two thirds.

In the Softbank he is not the only Cuban, there is the Granma Alfredo Despaigne, who has been his guide and tutor during these months: "Having him as a partner has been very helpful, he gives me advice on how to thorw and that is important to me, because he has great experience."

On his participation in the U-23 Pan-American Championship he claimed: "I am very tired, here I throw four times in a row, one inning every day, and also I was two and a half weeks without being able to pitch because my forearm was inflamed."

Moinelo has been one of the pitchers who has worked the most, both inside and overseas, so his inclusion in Cuba's roster for this tournament and his evident excessive performance could cause him an injury that might affect his contract in Japan.

"I want to play with my team in the national series, but I need recovery days. In these final games I felt the rigor of the whole year, my fast ball only reaches 92 miles and the control is not the same.”

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