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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

About us

Guerrillero was founded on July 6, 1969. It was a daily paper until 1992, when became a weekly tabloid released every Friday.

At present, it is an eight-page newspaper and is the voice of the provincial Committee of the Party in Pinar del Rio and its mission is to keep locals informed about the events that take place in the territory, Cuba and the world. It has a print run of 31 thousand copies.
The website (www.guerrillero.cu) was created on November 23, 2000, aimed at irradiating the life of the territory and the country to the world. It also counts on Facebook and Twitter profiles, a Youtube channel and also pages in Pinterest, Flicker, Google plus, among others.

The staff is made up by 38 workers, 18 journalists and three photographers.

Telephone Numbers: 48754548, 48754549, 48752623, 48752678, 48752003, 48753655, 48778389
Address: Colón 12 / Juan Gualberto Gómez y Adela Azcuy, CP: 20100

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