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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Víctor Mesa: “I Will Be Better than my Dad”

“I will be better than my dad”, that was the beginning of a dialogue with Victor Mesa, who is training these days at Capitan San Luis stadium of Pinar del Rio, along with the junior team that will participate in the World Baseball Championship of the category the upcoming September.

The youngest son of the former player and now the most polemic director in the history of the Cuban baseball league, has a joyful and respectful way to address people, he likes to talk and is always available for the press. He has an answer for everything.

His polyvalence in the field, fastness in the bases and the power at bat are the main characteristics that place him, at the age of 15, among the best junior players of the country.

¿Matanzas or Industriales?

“So far I feel good in Matanzas, I have adapted easily, made excellent bonds there and wouldn’t like to move to the capital, but that is not a decision for me to make, it is my dad’s”.

You are a switch-hitter, which is your favorite side?

“I prefer the left hand, I can concentrate better that way; I don’t practice the right much often”.

You play several positions, which do you prefer? “I play the fields and the first base, but I would love to follow my father’s steps in the centerfield. I will be happy in any position, my thing is to be useful to the team and help in everything I can”.

You said once that you were the best of the family.

“I said that in an interview in Villa Clara, I was younger and at that age you don’t think much, but I assure you that I will be the best”.

Your style to play is very similar to your father’s, ¿are you imitating him?

“No one wants to be like anyone, I want to be better than him, I have told him so; I speak my mind. But it is hard to achieve, his numbers are quite impressive, he was an extraordinary player and even when I don’t tell him frequently, I’m proud of being his son”.
“You play baseball to become someone, I don’t want to be recognized because of my dad, I want to build my own name and I will fight for it”.

How did you make it to the national team?

“A few weeks ago we finished the final phase of the junior series in Villa Clara, and the best players were selected to make the national team. I had a good year and here I am representing Matanzas, despite the fact that my family is now representing Industriales”.
Expectations for the world championship, the group is difficult.

“Cuba will always be among the favorites in any baseball competition. I know we are in a complicated group, but the goal is to win the championship, there is no other”.

How is the relationship at home with your father and your brother, do you talk about baseball?

“We talk a lot about baseball, this season my father could not attend many of my games because of work, but every time he went, he gave me tips and pointed out my mistakes”.
“He always tells me that the running of the bases should be strong and aggressive, that’s essential, because baseball games are won for details like that”.

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Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

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