updated 22 / 07 / 2019

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Cuban Giraldilla de La Habana Tournament with 11 Countries

Badminton players from 11 countries of the world will be present today at the International Giraldilla de La Habana Tournament, sources from the organizers of the event told.

The Giraldilla de La Habana Tournament will include 63 players from Cuba, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Jamaica, Dominican Repúblic, Trinidad and Tobago, Wales, Italy and Hungary.

These players will compete in both sexes, couples (male and female) and mixed couples.

In the individual event for males, 28 athletes are inscribed, headed by the Italian Rosario Maddaloni, 100th place in the universal ranking roster.

By another side of the competing chart there was the best Cuban player of the moment, Osleni Guerrero, champion last year and seed number two of the masculine contest.

Guerrero, four times winner in individuals, lowered in the world ranking from the 62th place up to the 170th. The silver medalist and bronze in the Pan-American Games of Guadalajara 2011 and Toronto 2015 does not compete internationally since the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro.

Among the females, 22 athletes were registered, led by Hungarian Laura Sarosi (138 in the world ranking) and Welsh Aimee Moran (159).

A total of 11 couples will play in the male couple competition. Ten women will be in the individual, and 18 in the mixed couples.

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