updated 27 / 01 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

A Park for All

Photo: Jaliosky Ajete

Over 60 years, is easily said, but to live it is a complicated process. How many moments of significance, joy, disappointment. Many say that it is the people who turn life complicated, but still it is an adventure that demands the utmost of everyone.

Perhaps it is because of the admiration toward those who have the privilege of the experience that comes with the years. Apart from tenderness and care, the elders treasure so much wisdom, like living encyclopaedias that deserve a lot of respect. And precisely those feelings come to me whenever I walk by that park which I have the pleasure to enjoy since I was a child.

Montequin may not be one of the main communities of the province of Pinar del Rio, neither have much development or counting on centres for entertainment, but it does have something in particular, its park, our park and of those who want to visit.

In its more than six decades of existence how many stories has it witnessed? , how many memories is it part of?

Undoubtedly it is a symbol for all those who grew up watching it, although the years and the lack of resources turned it into a ghost. Luckily, repairing hands listened to its claim, and today it is reborn and recovers the essential place that once had. The Montequin Park gives us a new image, willing to share new stories and receive care and respect, the same we give to our elders.
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About the Author

Dayelín Machín Martínez

Dayelín Machín Martínez

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca de Pinar del Río, Cuba

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