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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

La Conchita Factory: Non-Stop Machinery

Since the first rays of sunshine start warming the Earth up, the work in the factory begins. There is no time to rest, the production process flows as perfect machinery.

Canned fruits, sauces, mayonnaise, are some of the elaborations of this industry, which is symbol of the province of Pinar del Río.
Each worker has a task: cut, peel, can... in the end, products that become exports and also supply the domestic network of markets and stores.
In La Conchita factory, the daily routine is vital to attain favourable indicators for the Cuban and local economy.

la conchita pr 2

la conchita pr 3

la conchita pr 4

la conchita pr 5

la conchita pr 6

la conchita pr 8

la conchita pr 7

la conchita pr 9

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