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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río


Photo series: Januar Valdés

In the Cuban countryside humble, hardworking men live, hardened by the time and the battles waged, family men that learned to take fruits from the land. Many are their jobs, great and funny their stories.

The calluses on their hands do not matter, neither the morning dew nor the burning sun. Hillbillies they are called. They know the deepest secrets of the countryside; take care of their animals, take them here and there searching for good pasture. They wear hats and long-sleeve shirts, greet you with a smile, live without luxury or wealth, but they are valuable in tenacity and spirit.
At sunrise they saddle the horse, savor a good Cuban coffee, take the machete and go out to caress the land until the evening comes, so they sit to let the bones rest on the backyard chair.

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Januar Valdés Barrios

Januar Valdés Barrios

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