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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

La Beisbolera: a Different Option

Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

On 61-A Gerardo Medina street of the city of Pinar del Río, José Roque (Pepe) shares his love for baseball and for the local team in a very exclusive way. La Beisbolera restaurant-bar-cafeteria becomes an option that not only offers gastronomic proposals, but an approach to the culture of the national sport.

For 16 years Roque placed in the Erfurt Latinos Club of the German non-professional baseball league, with them she won several cups and was selected most valuable player. The number (30) of his jersey remains non-transferable up to this date.

la beisbolera 2The place, with capacity for 72 people, shows the colors of the local baseball team, as well as logos, jerseys… /Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 3Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 4The menu includes lunch, dinner, snacks with original names and affordable prices /Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 5Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 6Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 7Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel

la beisbolera 8The jerseys exhibited have been donated by the players/ Photo: Ernesto Amaya Esquivel


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