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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Farewell to Aurora

Pinar del Rio mourns the passing of Aurora. Poetess, writer, actress and director of radio shows, this woman did not only owned herself, she was part of this western land, of all those who love art, culture, poems, and stages.

Aurora Martínez was born in 1940 and died this January 25th. She left an infinite legacy for the new generations, a teaching that will always endure in those who decide to follow the path of acting.
Since 1961 she worked as an art instructor, then became part of literary workshops, taught theatre and received important awards and recognitions.
Aurora was member of the Union of Cuban Writers (UNEAC) and her texts have been Publisher in different poetry anthologies, in magazines in and outside the country.
It would be impossible to summarize in these lines the life of a person that gave herself to the Cuban culture. Guerrillero transmits to the family and friend the most sincere condolences form the people of Pinar del Rio.

About the Author

Dorelys Canivell Canal

Dorelys Canivell Canal

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Corresponsal del diario Juventud Rebelde en Pinar del Río.

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