updated 24 / 07 / 2019

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Raúl Paz: Culture Leads Us to Win a Thousand Battles

Singer and songwriter Raúl Paz during an exchange with young members of the Hermanos Saiz Association / Photo: Rafael Fernández Rosell

Cuba is a small country, but its culture makes us different and leads us to win a thousand battles, that along with the intelligence and originality of its people, said singer and songwriter Raúl Paz.

In a visit to his hometown, as part of the initiative Diálogos itinerantes... Pa´ conectar sentimientos (Itinerant dialogues...to connect feelings), the artist noted the importance of authenticity to last in a world ruled by neoliberalism, whose “cultivation policy intends to take the human brain to its lowest expression”. In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Paz added that the youths play a leading role in the development of culture and the preservation of the national identity, which is closely related to education and arts.

We must be a people with a strong culture, that’s what will make us as interesting as we have been so far, said the also Goodwill ambassador of the UNESCO.

During the visit, accompanied by lawyer, essayist and historian Ernesto Limia, the musician explained that the initiative aims for making culture and thinking fashionable in a context in which mediocrity gains more and more space.

Raúl Paz stressed, in a dialogue with young creators and artists of the Pinar del Río, the need to defend the Cuban values over regionalism, and in that regard insisted on a better representation of the arts in the provinces allo along the island.

The national tour includes meetings with university students and those from art schools and members of the Hermanos Saiz Association, so as to “take the pulse to the country in a sort of an exploration trip”.

Limia presented the book ¿El fin de la historia? (End of the story?) made up of five essays and under the Ocean Sur publishing house.

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