updated 27 / 01 / 2020

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Children Singing Contest Planeta Azul in 27th Edition

The 27th edition of the singing contest Planeta Azul will take place on April 28, 29 and 30 at Praga movie theatre of Pinar del Rio.

This time, the event is dedicated to cultural promoter Denis Elena Delgado and stage designer Domingo Hernández Rivero.
The contest is an opportunity for children and teenagers to show their singing skills and also to encourage them to become interested for the traditional music.

Some of the songs included in the contests are Canto al Amanecer, Don cocodrilo, Sonerito, Sueño de niña, Yo soy el planeta, among others.

Idalma Llanes Hernández, promotion specialist of Pedro Junco Cultural Community Center, explained that the award ceremony will take place on April 30 at the Community Center activity hall.

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Dayelín Machín Martínez

Dayelín Machín Martínez

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca de Pinar del Río, Cuba

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