Book Fair Honors Armando Hart

Homage to Armando Hart Dávalos / Photo: Alejandro Rosales

As part of the International Book Fair underway in Pinar del Rio, writer Alberto Peraza, in his space ¡Cómo pan caliente!, invited Olga Marta Perez, director of Union Editions to talk about the release of the books about late Fidel Castro Ruz, commander in Chief of the Cuban Revolution.

The texts, available for the public, are included in the 90th Anniversary collection.
The space also paid homage to Armando Hart Dávalos, to whom the Fair is dedicated this year.

The books written by Hart constitute the safekeeping of his wide literary work about the nation, its history and politics.

One of the most important titles is Cuando me hice fidelista (When I became a Fidelist) said compiler Eloísa Carrera Varona.

Yusuam palacios Ortega, national president of the Movimiento Juvenil Martiano (Jose Marti Youth Movement) referred to the books: “We must read, we must break the strings of thinking. We must build a critic conscience from ethics, from dignity from revolution. The homeland demands loyalty, own ideas, and Hart’s work teaches us that”.

Armando Hart received works by artist Mario Garcia Portela and from the project Con amor y esperanza.

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