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The Municipal Gastronomy Company of Pinar del Rio announces the availability of five units for people interested in leasing the space for activities related to the sector.

The centres are social clubs Jóvenes del 2000 in Las Ovas community and Obrero in Briones Montoto, as well as the cafeterias Las Canas, located at the beach with the same name; Alameda in Cuba Libre neighbourhood and Edelma on Colon street between Frank País and Ceferino Fernández.
As conditions, the leaseholders should improve the facade of the entity, offer meals, be open eight hours, wear uniforms and obey other demands related to hygiene.

To apply, those interested should deliver their proposals on sealed envelopes in the headquarters of the company for the paperwork. The documents should include personal data, activity to carry out, certificate of experience in the area, financing design, project and service design, means to use and environmental impact. The deadline for the proposals is March 24.

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