Formulas to Be a Woman

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Yesterday she did not wear earrings. Her ear lobes rested. Her ears, on the contrary, received critics and whispers as she walked by. “A woman should...”, that was the first phrase she heard going out.

Who is that woman that got rid of the jewellery? The answer is simple: a Cuban woman, a common one. There are many ways to live femininity, as diverse as the population of the gender.
The room, the flu, the dust, the spiders, the sauce....accompany the pillow of many of them every night. At the same time meetings, transportation, planning, interviews. They are know it alls, experts in pleasing and live a double day of work with an only payment and hundreds of years of patriarchal culture on the creeks that the soap leaves in her hands.
On the other hand, there are others like Sunday mornings, phlegmatic and alien to the kitchen. Those are distracted by the hours and with not attitude for dessert. Their goal is just the passing of time, even when buttons fall off and papers get delayed.

Many live Saturday nights: get together with friends, drink and talk about soccer. They conquered public spaces or sit with the legs open. Those are women as well.

Preferentes? Plenty. They can be rockers or romantic; some like bitter coffee or tea with lemon; some love a man, a lot o men, some love another woman. In the end what really matters is the fact that paying attention to the nudity of the ear lobes does not allow to see what she loved and touched during the day, how much she accomplished, and the working thing, that is a rule for most of Cuban women.

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