Therapeutic Clowns Hold First Training Workshop

The therapeutic clowns of Pinar del Rio, although it is a new modality, will hold their first basic training workshop at Pepe Portilla Pediatric Hospital sponsored by La Colmenita children’s company, starting today and until February 25.

The main goal is the training of health professionals in order to incorporate clowning techniques to the assistance of children, teenagers, youths and elders in specialized centers.
The program includes debates and exchange of experiences about the work of the therapeutic clowns with the proved positive effects of laughter to reduce stress and improve the state of the patients.

The workshop can be attended by active therapeutic clowns and also by professionals and students of the sector interested, as well as Psychology specialists and people from the artistic area. Therapeutic clowning is a renowned practiced worldwide with positive results in the interaction with patients by using humor, poetry and artistic techniques.

The best antecedent is American doctor Hunter Doherty, also known as Patch Adams.

On December 2008, Match Adams and a clown company developed a Wide program in Cuba along with artists of La Colmenita, and the visit became even more remarkable due to their solidarity with the victims of three hurricanes that hit the island.

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