updated 21 / 04 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

The Forest is More than Just Trees

In regard to forests Pinar del Rio has a true treasure, which was noted in the last report of the Reforestation System meeting held recently and presided over by Gladys Martínez Verdecia, member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in the province.

With a forest heritage that covers 45,1 percent of the territory, Pinar del Rio is the province with largest forested area in the country and that implies responsibilities, not only with the trees, but with the biodiversity in general.
The indicators measured show favourable results such as the fostering of the forest at 109 percent, planting at 10,53 percent and the natural regeneration management in hectares at 122,5 percent.

Endemic species have had a priority as policy of the forest sector to rescue native species, which is coordinated with the Ministry of Science, Technology ad the Environment and other institutions.

The most important elements of the programs include the basins, and the actions in 2016 were fulfilled at 105,3 percent mainly focused on the Cuyaguateje’s, which is of national interest and the most important of the western territory.

Due to its extension and complexity, the forest is victim of predators, and last years 2 198 infractors were fined for illegalities on natural resources like damage to the wildlife, theft of natural resources, inappropriate use of the land, arson, and illegal fishing.
In the case of damage to the wildlife, the main crimes are related to hunting deer, jutias and turtles, animals under a prohibition order given their situation of being in danger of extinction and considered heritage of the nation.

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Ramón Brizuela Roque

Ramón Brizuela Roque

Licenciado en Periodismo Universidad de La Habana 1977. Premio Provincial por la Obra de la vida, 2013.Fue redactor reportero en Juventud Rebelde y Trabajadores; colaborador asiduo en Radio Guamá y TelePinar.

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