updated 24 / 07 / 2019

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Guerrillero Cocktail

We thank the initiative of Giscly Santiago Jaime, President of the Bartenders Association of Pinar del Rio, who created the Guerrillero cocktail, and is a special gift for Saint Valentine’s Day.

Coconut liquor
Liquor of love
White rum ((Vegas del Río)
Anejo Especial
In a four ounce glass pour 30 ml (an ounce) of coconut liquor. In the cocktail shaker pour 45 ml of the liquor of love and 45 ml of white rum. Two ice cubes. Shake for 30 seconds. Complete with more ice cubes, pour the contento f the shaker into the glass and complete with rum anejo especial (golden rum). Decorate with fruits.

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