updated 22 / 07 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Production of honey assured in Pinar del Rio

About 2,000 hives from the Guanahacabibes Peninsula and another 5,000 from the rest of the province were protected before Michael hit the territory. After the phenomenon, those that belonged to heavily damaged areas were relocated to other areas and municipalities. This allowed that, despite the setbacks, the Basic Enterprise Apicultural Unit  of Pinar del Río does not renounce the fulfillment of the plan foreseen for this year.

Bárbaro Prieto Acanda, director of this entity, confirmed that from the incidence of the meteorological event, they have made a group of actions such as moving the hives for the places where the vegetation is not affected. "We can not lose this biological material that we worked so hard to produce. We have to avoid a long period of artificial feeding that would take us not to produce the honey.

"There was a level of affectation in the flora and in the bees, but the recovery of the hive is fast. Every month there is a different flowering, and the one that is affected this year will reproduce again next year if the main buds of the plants are not affected; the vines, for example, recover in a year, while the plantations with the strongest foliage can be delayed by four or five, "explained the manager.

He also stated that currently the center is working in areas of difficult access and areas of silence with beekeepers who are posted in those places, which would not require transportation. This is a priority to recover those areas.

For the collection of honey, the province is divided into two zones: eastern and western, separated by the municipality of Pinar del Río.

The unit has 44 producers distributed in all municipalities and 10 147 hives. The plan with September closing was met at 147 percent, with some 80 tons above the real of 2017 in the same stage.

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Dorelys Canivell Canal

Dorelys Canivell Canal

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Corresponsal del diario Juventud Rebelde en Pinar del Río.

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