updated 22 / 07 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Basic telephone services increase in Pinar del Río

The Telecommunications Company in Cuba (Etecsa) in Pinar de Río is expected to finish this year by installing more than 2,400 new basic telephone services. The entity especially benefits country side communities such as Puerta de Golpe, Sumidero, Sábalo, Isabel Rubio, Entronque de Ovas, Surí, Guane and the provincial capital Pinar del Río.

Isbel Coalla Páez, supervisor of the commercial and marketing department, reported that clients in Pinar del Río have about 71 124 basic telephone services.
The Company also implemented technological changes in the centers of other popular councils such as Las Martinas, Arroyo de Mantua and Santa Lucía.
The province currently has a telephone density of approximately 12.07 per 100 inhabitants in basic telephony, and public telephony of 5.43 per 1,000.
Regarding to the home internet service - an option offered to the public since 2017 – Coalla Paez explained that in these moments they count on more than 6,000 services, and emphasized that in 2018 they have benefited around 3 200 new families.
He said that the Internet began to be installed in rural areas, which was initiated by Sumidero, and is intended to be extended to other communities.
"It is a service that we pay for a 5.00 CUC fee, with a speed of 512 kbits, which includes 30 monthly hours and the kit covers the modem, filters and accessories, with payment facilities," said Coalla Páez.
The province currently has access to the Internet with 127 Wi-Fi locations in public areas, 18 Etecsa navigation rooms and 23 third-party rooms, and close to 10 percent of customers who have basic telephone have internet services in the houses.
To guarantee cell phones coverage, Pinar del Río has 107 radio stations, of which 34 with 3G technology, which allows more than 254 thousand mobile service customers to be benefited.

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Ana María Sabat González

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