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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Differences and similarities in Pinar del Rio

Differences and similarities in Pinar del Rio

It's Saturday night. José Martí Avenue, Pinar del Río, there are plenty of passersby, in groups, couples or loners, looking for a place to hang out, some left with a preconceived destination and others walk aimlessly just "to go for a ride".

There are options, so that everyone can meet their expectations, officials of Culture, Trade, Tourism and the Council of Provincial Administration (CAP) also travel the main arteries of the city and the centers located in them.


On the portal of the theater José Jacinto Milanes, people who did not reach tickets for the show are crowded. Pedro Julio Cordero Morales, Provincial Deputy and Director of Culture, explains with satisfaction that it is a proposal made by local artists, and that the previous night the function had also been with full of audience.

These young people were waiting because some wanted to go home early so they could access the disco.

A few meters away, there are also those who wait at the doors of the nightclub of the hotel El Globo, to enter the nightclub, now "it is the last nocturnal centerthe governmentinaugurated and everyone wants to come", says a young man when they ask him why so much wait.

In La Casona tavern, there are few clients, although they have a varied offer. The workers and managers comment that in the afternoons the grill in the patio has more competition, just like on Sundays in the mornings, with the children's matinee. Although the menuof the restaurantwas modified, including Creole foods, it still does not get results.

The Pinar Café also remains desolated. José Antonio Aguilera Hernández, delegate of the Ministry of Tourism in the territory, said that the specialists of the Commercial Committee along with the entities' administrations,are looking for the elements that limit them in terms of converting these centers into destinations of popular preference.

It emphasizes that due to its location, they are destined to the internal market, they value how to incorporate artistic formats that contribute to these centers toattractive for their potential clients, since they achieve the characterization of the spaces.


On Saturday nights and at other times during the weekend, the restaurant El Marino opens the range of its offers to the portal, an initiative that has great acceptance.

Coppelia, is also a place where no matter days or schedules, there are no users, the interviewees reported satisfaction with the service and the offer, as a suggestion they recommended to place posters where they ask to speak in low voice, because often the hubbub of some disturbs, the tranquility of others.

The combination of fruits, juices, sweets and technological resources, is what makes FrutiCuba unique, and many young people and teenagers are betting on it on Saturday night, a healthy option that is implemented jointly by the Pinar del Río Municipal Young Computer Club.

The cabaret restaurant El Criollo, harmonizes the characterization for certain audiences, such as students, and on Saturdays with the performance of comedians and artists of great power of convocation, making the commercialization of this nightclub grow.


Someone might think that there are secrets that make the difference between places like El Marino and La Casona or Coppelia and Cafe Pinar, which are so close and have different acceptance rates, but the truth is that accessibility transits through the issue of prices.

Tourism has the challenge of increasing production, lowering costs and reducing the purchasing gap, which is not an excuse either, because the establishments that operate non-state workers are much more expensive and, nevertheless, they are usually overcrowded.

Therefore, they are also committed to improving the quality of services and creating offers that are attractivebecause the underutilization of spaces is inadmissible.

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Yolanda Molina Pérez

Yolanda Molina Pérez

Licenciada en Periodismo de la Universidad de Oriente.

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