updated 20 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Official evaluation of the damages of Hurricane Michael to housing fund

Official evaluation of the damages of Hurricane Michael to housing fund

At least 2 742 housing damages are reported in Pinar del Rio after Hurricane Michael, according to Oscar Yumar Alfonso, provincial director of Housing Department.

According to statements offered by this authority, the numbers are preliminary, because work is still being done on the technical survey in all the municipalities, so that no resident who has suffered damage to their home is left homeless.

"77 of all housing affectations, belong to total landslides of the house, 170 to partial and 358 others and 2 137 correspond to total and partial roof collapses, respectively. There exist another 1 254 damages to temporary facilities and 34 in collective networks of buildings".

Pinar del Rio currently has 13,000 cement fibers for roof, 120 metal modules and 15,000 infinite tiles to offer a first response to the victims.

"These resources are already located in the points of sale and for the first time the population will have to manage them in the offices of procedures to attend to those affected by hurricanes; located in each defense council.

Finally, the director said that there are more than 8,000 families living in temporary facilities and more than 9,000 total collapses of previous atmospheric phenomena in the province.

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Ariel Torres Amador

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