updated 20 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Pinar del Rio tobacco plantations recover to assure a superior campaign

There were affectations but recovery is possible. / Photo: Dorelys Canivell Canal

There were affectations but recovery is possible. / Photo: Dorelys Canivell Canal

From this Thursday on, members of the Tabacuba Group supervise the tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio to analyze the affected areas by Hurricane Michael and confirm the recovery actions the authorities and farmers take.

Justo Luis Fuentes Diaz, president of the Tabacuba Group, explained that the recovery movement is giving results in all the municipalities they have visited. “We have seen men and women recovering the hotbeds in full sun; removing the straw that each of the stonemasons had and saving the postures, " he said.

He also stated, regarding the affectations caused by Michael, that there is not an irreversible negative effect on the final results of the tobacco campaign because it has just begun. The sowing began throughout the country on October 10 and what has happened will not affect Pinar del Río.

The executive said that all the main resources are available, and that these inputs are already in each of the companies and in the productive base. "The peasants are motivated and Pinar del Riohas conditions to make a superior campaign in 2018-2019."

Fuentes Diaz confirmed that there are difficulties in some facilities and healing houses, but nothing that cannot be recovered, which is already being done. He also stated that farmers from Pinar del Rio, San Luis y Mantua who were able to save their plants, have begun the sowing in the lands where it is possible these days.

Referring to the sowing, he insisted that it will retake its rhythm within the last days of October and November, though the sowing will continue in December and January as usual.

The director of Tabacuba Group said that it is a premise to work with discipline and security in order to not to waste resources and use only the necessary ones. Recovery is possible. The sowing plan for this campaign is 31 000 hectares, 20 000 of which will be sowed in Pinar del Rio representing more than the 68 percent.

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Dorelys Canivell Canal

Dorelys Canivell Canal

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad de La Habana, Cuba. Corresponsal del diario Juventud Rebelde en Pinar del Río.

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