Cigar Factory Deluxe Option for Visitors

Visiting the Francisco Donatien cigar factory of the city of Pinar del Río is a deluxe proposal for those interested in the universe rolling process of the leaf.

The art of its elaboration attracts many tourists every month to this facility of the Cuban westernmost province, which contributes with 70 percent of the tobacco harvested in the Island and half of the layers to make the renowned Habanos. The factory, still preserving its colonial style, is a building from the 19th century, with wide windows, patios and tile roofs.
There, visitors can witness the entire process, since the selection of the raw material until the final touch to the cigar, including the cigar factory reader, a profession declared Cultural Heritage of the Cuban Nation in 2012. At present, the Cigar Rolling Company of the province works in the elaboration a the new band Cañonazo Especial for the Trinidad brand, exclusive of the province and of high demand. This entity has a commitment of 4 035 000 units for exports, said Eusebio Velázquez Barroso, head of production.

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