Provincial Bureau of the Party Calls to Increase Local Food Productions

The Provincial Bureau of the Party, in its last ordinary meeting, made a call to increase the diversity and the volumes of the local productions, especially those distributed in the domestic market network, and stressed the role of the political organization in the attention to the new management procedures and the private sector.

For that purpose, it was noted the need to increase the efficiency and sustainability of the food and fishing industry, at the same time it was ratified the strengthening of the internal control through auditors, along with the correct work of the direction structures.

The Bureau recognized the potential of the province to increase local productions, put in practice last year during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the city and the 26th of July.

Although the number of felonies and cases of corruption diminished last year in comparison to 2016, the Party showed concern for their identification mostly thanks to control actions, which is evidence of the internal control of the resources and the lack of responsibility of managers and militants.

In regard to the attention of the Party to the new economic model and the private sector, it was considered the need to increase the political and ideological work in the area.

The private sector in the province has grown with about 29 000 associates, especially in food commercialization, masonry and house rentals.

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Ernesto Osorio Roque

Ernesto Osorio Roque

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