Tourism in Search for Diversification

The repair of 23 rooms with the possibility to reach 48 of Pinar del Rio Hotel and the transformation of the current shop at Casa del Habano, are the most significant investments of the sector in the city for 2018, said Debora Henríquez Lorenzo, head of Tourism in the province.

In addition they will widen the offices of Transtur and complete the works in the training center. A few days ago, the offices of the Punta Colorada S.A joint venture were inaugurated, from which the investment of the project will be run. They will continue to work in the maintenance and preservation of the units that were repaired as part of the program for the 150th anniversary of the city. Those actions include, paint, equipment and furniture replacement and the improvement of the air conditioning systems of offices and especially stores of the Caracol chain. In addition Palmarés company will continue with the preparation of the Guamá park: the conceptual ideas were already presented, now it is time to carry out a project that given its attractive and the fact of marking the beginning of the actions associated to the purpose of reviving the riverside, is one of the most interesting plans for the people.

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