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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Punta Colorada, the Road to the Future

To promote something that doesn’t exist and turn it into a tourist destination is very difficult and that is the current purpose of Punta Colorada S.A. venture, in order to execute a recreational complex in the westernmost part of the province of Pinar del Rio.

While working in the conception of the master plan, they put three advertising banners all along the route from Havana to the entrance of the place where the investments will take place, the fourth banner was put in the location of the first hotel of the Project, an act that confirms the physical presence of the creators. After unveiling the banner, Jaume Roma and Raudel García, president and vicepresident, respectively, of the company, gave a press conference where they explained the actions planned in order too boost the real estate development associated to tourism and diversify offers and services. THE FUTURE IN NUMBERS
The first phase comprises 700 hectares out of the total 3 000. They already count on the necessary authorization to begin the execution immediately, although they recognize it will not be easy, since it requires power, fresh water and roads. Roma noted that the few meters of the beach and the coast already cleaned might seem details, but putting all together big things can be achieved. According to the chronogram, 24 bungalows should be ready for December, which will function as a demonstration center for tour operators, in order to promote the possibilities of Punta Colorada.

Punta Colorada Golf Marina Cuba uno de los 13 proyectos de desarrollo inmobiliario asociado al turismo en Cuba inicia su primera fase de ejecución con unas 700 hectáreas de 3700 que abarca la totalidad de la The facility will includes four golf camps, a marina with capacity for 300 ships, a dry port for their repair, native food based on local products, three hotels with 1 259 rooms, although the total of the residential units will rise to 1 700 adding the aforementioned, plus villas and apartments. La instalación contará con cuatro campos de golf; marina con capacidad para 300 embarcaciones; un puerto seco para reparación de las mismas; comida autóctona
As additional attraction there will be an infrastructure for the training of high-performance athletes in several sports like soccer, tennis, golf, sailing, baseball and equestrian. Exclusiveness

At present, this is the biggest tourist investment of the country and according to the design it will be one of the largest in Latin America, which according to the projections will have other peculiarities like a golf hole in the sea, clean energy to feed the structures and located along a biosphere reserve. Rome stressed that it is a spectacular place, with constant wind that provides the area with a microclimate. In addition only those companies that search for the Cuban development will operate, since tourism is called to be a source of wealth that everyone can contribute to foster.

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Yolanda Molina Pérez

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