updated 24 / 07 / 2019

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Cycling in Vueltabajo, a Homage to Local Protagonists

The book Ciclismo en Vueltabajo (Cycling in Vueltabajo), written by José Antonio Serantes Díaz, correspondent of Radio Reloj in Pinar del Rio, is a homage to athletes, coaches and promoters of the sport, and also the first text on the subject published in the province.

As part of the activities of the International Book Fair in the territory, the provincial library held the presentation of the book, launched by Loynaz Publishing House. Serantes Díaz stated that the volume pays a debt to his cycling colleagues- since he practiced it very young- especially to those from Guanajay (municipality located in western Cuba, formerly part of Pinar del Río). The text encompasses the history of the sport in this Cuban region, since the beginnings of the national tours in the 1990s, with emphasis in statistics, anecdotes and photos. With the cover and the interior designs of Iliá Valdés Hernández, the piece includes the antecedents of the sport and the most relevant results of local athletes. Julio Puentes Mujica, retired cyclist and in charge of the prologue, made sure that all of those who appear in the pages of the book dedicated their lives to cycling throughout the years, first as protagonists and then as coaches, officials, massage therapist and mechanics. “Those who lived the first years of organized cycling in Pinar del Rio, have learned to admire all the athletes and colleagues for the greatness of their effort, since the fathers of the sport after the triumph of the revolution kept a consequent attitude to commend it as a sport discipline”, said the author.

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