"This School Allowed me to Dream"

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For the second time, I was lucky to enjoy his music live. The first was some eight years ago and yet I have the memories fresh in my mind.

The amphitheatre of the Federico Engels Vocational School was filled up by youths eager to watch the art of the local musician, who returned to the stage that perhaps was one of his first. And these days, he came back to that big house where he lived for six years to celebrate along with students, teachers and graduates, the 40 years of a center that stands out for its educative results.

And maybe it was the nostalgia or the longing for those times, but Raul Paz showed up wearing the uniform that he once made his own.

For nearly an hour, he shared his songs with the audience and thanked the institution for everything he learned there. “I felt really happy in this center, here I lived for six years and every time I return I get excited to see that it is still a school that creates people. It created us, today it is creating a generation that holds the future of our country and for 40 years it has formed a lot of people, who in one way or another have contributed to the development of Cuba in every aspect. That, I think is its greatest merit.

“I have travelled around the World and I have studied in many places, but my time in this center is incomparable because it was special, and I learned a lot. It was hard because we began really young at 12 and then finished at 17, that’s the age were the human personality forms. I am lucky and proud of having been part of its history”.

Referring to the youths he said that he believes in the young people of this country, because they will be our impulse to move forward. “And knowing that those youths like my music despite being a different generation is a great satisfaction”.

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