updated 25 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Candidates to Parliament Mark Genuine Cuban Electoral System

Photo: Telepinar

The candidates to provincial delegates and deputies to the national Assembly of People’s Power nominated in Pinar del Río are proof of our genuine electoral system by gathering people of different sectors of the society.

With over 50 percent of the votes in favour, workers, teachers, intellectuals, fill the proposals approved in the 11 municipalities of the province as part of a process that began in September, with the nomination of delegates to the municipal assemblies. Doctor in Sciences Efraín Echevarría, one of the 75 candidates to provincial delegates, stated that it is an example of democracy that shows the unity of the people.

Efraín, also professor at Hermanos Saiz University, added that the fracture of the national unit of countries is one of the basic instruments used by imperialism, even without using armies and war; hence the importance of a system like the one we have in Cuba.

Rafaela Puerto Corbea, candidate to the provincial assembly and one of the 32 nominees to the Parliament, noted the necessity of hearing the problems of the people and trying to solve them.

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