updated 25 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río about to Finish Tobacco Leaf Picking

The tobacco growers of Pinar del Rio, major producer of the leaf in Cuba, are about to end the leaf picking phase of the current harvest season and show optimism for the good state of the plantations and the favourable weather conditions.

With over 95 percent of the area sown, they speed up to complete the 18 704 hectares planned for the season, whose production estimate surpasses 20 000 tons of tobacco, a figure higher than last year’s report. According to Lazaro Vega, follower of the family tradition, they are now focused on the cultural attention of the fields in order to avoid fungal diseases.

Several specialists made sure that this year they are producing 13 varieties of the leaf, with emphasis on the Havana 92, since it covers nearly half of the surface to be planted in the territory.

The expansion of this sun grown variety obeys to its resistance to some diseases such as the black shank and the environmental necrosis. Virginio Morales Novo, specialist of the Tabacuba group, explained that this time two Young varieties are massively incorporated to tobacco companies (Corojo 2006 and 2012), with great resistance to the black shank and the droughts. Pinar del Río, considered the land of the best tobacco in the world, contributes with 65 percent of the production of the leaf in the country.

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