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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Local University Holds International Symposium

In order to favor knowledge and the exchange of experiences amongst scholars and researchers, the Hermanos Saiz University holds the Third International Scientific Symposium Universidad de Pinar del Rio 2017.

Workshops, conferences and specialized visits will mark the two-day event, attended by 180 members of Cuban universities and several nations, considering the role of high studies institutions in the construction of a better world and the formation of values.

According to Doctor in Sciences Maricela González Pérez, vice-rector of research and post-graduate studies of Hermanos Saiz University and head of the Symposium, this is the biggest event of the center.

Delegates from Colombia, United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain, etc., will debate about agro-ecology and food security, teachers training in the conext of inclusive education, social anthropology and the knowledge of history for the progress of nations.

Doctor in Sciences Yorki Mayor Hernández, rector of the university and president of the organizing committee, ratified that unlike previous editions, the center stands out for its renovation and strengthening, thanks to the integration of the higher education faculties.

This symposium takes place as a reaffirmation of the accomplishments of an institution that currently offers 35 careers in different fields of science and counts on university venues in 10 of the 11 municipalities of the province.

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