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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río to Celebrate 150 Birthday

Close to famous tobacco estates, this Cuban city is now renovating squares, avenues and legendary buildings to celebrate its 150th birthday on September 10.

As relics of the western demarcation excel the José Jacinto Milanés theater, one of the oldest in Latin America; India - among the first two-story buildings built here; and the grand clock of the Globo Hotel, which has awakened the locals for decades.

The park La Independencia, the original square of this town formerly called Vueltabajo, was one of the stages benefiting from the restoration work in addition to the José Martí, located in the founding site of the territory - 140 kilometers away from Havana.

Rescue emblematic architectural works of the historic center and renovate old streets like La Alameda are the purposes of the repair program.

The town, converted into a village in 1859, was distinguished with the title of city on September 10, 1867 thanks to the social and economic boom reached; which decoration was signed by the then Queen of Spain Isabel II.

The granting of that category meant the highest recognition to a community with obvious signs of identity, to an urban nucleus with its own personality; noted historians.

Its cultural values and peculiar architecture, the hospitality and laborious spirit of the people, conferred to the city of Pinar del Río the hierarchy of capital of the homonymous province since 1878.

The festivity will coincide with the celebration of the cultural event 'Nosotros', inspired by the song composed by Junco and popularized by recognized figures of the world scene.

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