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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

The City Goes for More

The recovery of green areas is one of the works underway in the Alameda area / Photo:Pedro Paredes

The managing group of the 150th anniversary of the city, in their monthly meeting held last week, announced that half a hundred works have been concluded, 46 are still in execution and 22 about to begin.

The proposal of the program of activities for the celebration, presented by the first vice president of the Provincial Administration Council (CAP) Leonor Lina Plasencia, is subject to changes, but anyways it will have plenty of options. The cultural event Nosotros (Us), which in its first editions was held on November 26, Day of the Local Dignity, is now to be celebrated in September, to match the anniversary of the city.

In a tour throughout several facilities under construction, it was checked that the urban image is being renovated and the transformation of the city and the increase of public spaces stand out for their diversity and quality.

Many of these centers will be finished by September 10 and others for December, because the most important thing is to watch for the quality of each space. Ernesto Barreto Castillo, president of the CAP, exchanged with builders, investors and visited places already opened in order to check their functioning and the level of acceptance of the services. We have already celebrated the National Rebellion Day (July 26) and the constructive works were boosted for that end, but there is a month left to continue to work for the 150 anniversary of the city and for the future, because it is not only a matter of fulfilling a program, but of reviving the urban environment, which is already a fact, but expecting more is inherent to human beings and so we are working for higher goals.

ciudad por mas 2La Casona, with a new image, is a place the citizens appreciate/Photo: Pedro Paredes

ciudad por mas 3A space for the project Faktoria del letras, which will be coordinated by writer Nelson Simón/Photo: Pedro Paredes

ciudad por mas 4Photo: Pedro Paredes

ciudad por mas 5Photo: Pedro Paredes

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