People of Pinar del Río Receive Benefits of Social Policy

Over 8 000 people, grouped in 4 826 families, receive the benefits of the social assistance, which have increased in relation with last year. In addition some 1 813 locals, most of the retirees, are protected under feeding services.

The above is part of the prevention, assistance, and social work program that although is still far from perfection, advances in the province, this year with a budget of 12 million pesos, two millions out of it for resources to families living in precarious conditions. The contribution of the state favored 256 families that improved their quality of life by receiving some resources such as household appliances, temporary monetary protection, as well as the repair of their homes, among other benefits. Other people have been admitted into elder’s homes.

In some territories the advances go slower and that must be evaluated with the entities in charge. The biggest problem lies in specialized workshops where disabled people work, because they are having difficulties with the tools and also with the delay in the collection of the production.

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Ramón Brizuela Roque

Ramón Brizuela Roque

Licenciado en Periodismo Universidad de La Habana 1977. Premio Provincial por la Obra de la vida, 2013.Fue redactor reportero en Juventud Rebelde y Trabajadores; colaborador asiduo en Radio Guamá y TelePinar.

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