updated 11 / 11 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Wi-fi Hotspots Expanding in Pinar del Río

The Cuban Telecommunications Enterprise (Etecsa) is installing 10 new wi-fi hotspots as part of actions being undertaken across the province in the lead up to July 26 celebrations.

These new connection points will take the total number of hotspots in Pinar del Río to 59.
After installing wi-fi points in 11 municipal capitals, Etecsa has planned to extend the service to other large communities in the region, explained Isbel Jesús Coalla, head of the entity’s provincial marketing department, speaking to Granma.
Such is the case of the Arroyos de Mantua popular council and the El Moncada community.
Meanwhile the service will also be installed in recreational facilities capable of accommodating a large number of users, such as La Güira Park and the Rumayor and el Criollo cabarets, added Isbel.
He went on to note that in addition to the opening of new wi-fi hotspots, the service has also been extended in densely populated areas, such as the main avenue of Viñales, a destination located outside of Pinar del Río city, but which receives thousands of tourists from all over the world.
As part of actions being undertaken by the entity in honor of July 26, National Rebellion Day, 300 new landlines are set to be installed in the provincial capital and other areas, such as Sandino.
Meanwhile, seven radio bases are being set up (six with 3G technology) in order to improve and increase cellphone coverage and services.
Pinar del Río currently has a total of 67,000 land, and 192,000 cell phone lines.

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