Summer Activities for All

With the added motivation of being selected to host the national July 26 celebration, residents of Pinar del Río are ready to enjoy the summer.

The varied program of activities available to families in the province's 11 municipalities ranges from a performance by the celebrated children's theater company La Colmenita and one by Paulo FG's dance band, to carnivals and traditional outings to the beach.

Regla María Ferrer, vice president of the provincial administrative council, told Granma that hosting activities will be a new group of facilities, inaugurated over the last several months in honor of the 150th anniversary of the city of Pinar del Río, including, for example the technological recreation center Fruti-Club.

In addition to expanding food services at the beach, the summer organizing committee has added stands along popular river banks, she reported, adding that the historic La Güira park has been renovated and is ready to welcome 3,000 visitors a day, with boat rides and horseback riding available.

According Ana Leydis Iglesias, first secretary of the Young Communist League in the province, recreational, cultural, and sports activities have been planned to take place in the heart of communities and neighborhoods, adding that the program was designed by institutions and government bodies to include options for all tastes.

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