updated 12 / 11 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

New Products Launched in Honor of Pinar del Río’s 150th Anniversary

While construction works underway in the city of Pinar del Río have made news, new products manufactured in the province have also been launched during recent months.
The aim of such efforts, in addition to reviving retail, food, and service facilities, is to provide the population with more offers.

Wicher Rivera, director of Pinar del Río’s Dairy and Confectionary Enterprise, explained to Granma, that as part of activities taking place in honor of the city’s 150th anniversary, all entities linked to the Ministry of Food Industry were called upon by the province’s most senior officials to get creative and revive certain lines that had been lost, and increase with a limited presence in stores. According to Wicher, until recently her company only supplied small quantities of natural yoghurt, cheese, and ice cream, to stores. “In collaboration with our Ministry, we have been preparing a group of new products which we began to supply beginning December of last year,” stated the representative. “For example natural cream cheese, which hadn’t been produced here for years, is now being sold in small-size pots, in addition to Cecilia cream, manufactured at the La Conchita canning plant, and used on pizzas and in pastas,” she noted. The enterprise is offering a total of 10 new lines, including dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, spreads, and instant milkshake mixes.

In addition to the Dairy and Confectionary Enterprise, other entities have been implementing similar strategies. The La Coloma Industrial Fishing facility has launched 13 new products such as a fish sausage and chorizo, while the Food Industry Enterprise is offering new types of cakes and sweets. Meanwhile, in the lead up to the city’s anniversary, another range of products is set to be launched in the month of September, featuring breads made with pork cracklings, sesame seeds, and garlic; as well as the opening of specialized cafeterias, where the population will be able to find these products. Desiré Díaz, director of the Food Industry Enterprise, stated that in addition to creating new products, the company is committed to maintaining a stable supply of these lines after celebrations have ended.

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