updated 25 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Pinar del Río Expands Solar Energy

Three new photovoltaic parks currently under construction will more than double the amount of electricity generated with the use of solar panels in the province, when they are connected to the national grid this coming September.

The parks will join two others already functioning, and will together add a peak of 7.6 megawatt (MWp).

Michel Casal, director of investments for the provincial Electricity Enterprise, told Granma that the parks are equipped with Chinese technology, and will all be connected to the national grid.

"All will be interconnected to one of the province's prioritized circuits, the one serving the well fields that supply water to the city of Pinar del Río," Michel explained.

He reported that in addition to these three parks which are nearing completion, two more are being planned, to be located at the Bailén Beach junction, in the municipality of Guane, and in the area of Cortés, in Sandino.

Work also is set to begin, he said, at two sites in San Luis municipality: El Cafetal and Santa María.

When all new installations are finished by the end of 2017, electricity generated with solar power will reach a capacity of 17 MWp.

This amount, Michel explained, is significant, since it represents slightly more than 14% of the province's midday peak demand.

To get a better idea of the accomplishment, the expert added, according to estimates, for every MW of photovoltaic power generated in a solar park, some 390 tons of fossil fuel will be saved, with 1,270 tons less carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere..

"The savings gained is impressive, and the level of pollution is reduced," Michel said, adding that these efforts are part of a national program underway to increase the use of renewable sources of energy.

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